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Happy Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend After Break Up

Happy Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend After Break Up: It is always very special, and comes with a lot of gratitude, good wishes and hopes of better days ahead. May your birthday and every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer. This is just to introduce you to a list of sweet and happy birthday messages for friends and families.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Ex Girlfriend

Happy Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend After Break Up

Our relationship was like a romantic movie except that we had a bad script written by a lousy writer. Happy birthday.

I hate calling you my Ex-Girlfriend. I would rather call you the beautiful girl with whom I was once in love with. Happy birthday.

You may never smile at me any more but at least you can smile at your phone when you read this. Happy birthday.

You are my ex-girlfriend and I am your ex-boyfriend. Let’s use your birthday as an opportunity to remove these heavy tags and just call each other friends. Happy birthday.

The only revenge I want to take from you is to offer you a hand of friendship. Happy birthday.

If birthdays are all about starting fresh and welcoming change, let’s bid goodbye to memories of a sour relationship and welcome a new friendship. Happy birthday.

You exit from my life as my girlfriend triggered your entry in my life as an ex. I want your birthday to be the day when you exit as an ex and enter as just a friend. Happy birthday.

I know we have parted for good as a couple, but I still want to wish you because our relationship was always grounded and humble. Happy birthday to my ex.

really and honestly thank the Lord that I get to share your birthday with you, it’s a door that opens and tells me one day, you won’t be an ex-anymore, you will be a girlfriend I can rely on.
Happy Birthday dear ex-girlfriend, you are truly a remarkable person and I am glad I got the chance to know you.

Our separation is really bitter because I really missed us. But life must move on. Happy Birthday ex-girl. I still love you.

In my dreams, in my thoughts, it’s only you who lives in the fragrance of my breath. May you live a happy life. I still miss you a lot. Happy birthday, dear ex-girlfriend.

Things may change with time, but I will remain the same. How can I even forget your birthday; after all, you are my last love. Wish you a very happy birthday, my sweet girl.

I do hope you will retain the beauty you always had on your face when you smile, because it fits you. Happy Birthday ex-girlfriend. Stay blessed.

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