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Happy Birthday John

Happy Birthday John: If ‘happy birthday’ is used transitively, there is no comma. However, if ‘happy birthday’ is used … (versus)Happy birthday John. I must say that the answer is yes. Use a comma to separate a statement / question from the name to whom you are addressing.

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Happy Birthday John

Happy Birthday to my sweet husband John! There are millions of reasons why I am crazy in love with this guy. Here are just a few:

1. He makes me smile BIG every time he wakes me up with a “rainstorm of kisses”.
2. He thinks I look beautiful when I don’t have make up on and my hair is messy…I’m still trying to figure this one out!
3. He loves adventures. How would I have discovered my love for snowboarding without him?
4. That brings me to number 4-he is patient! I wasn’t the best student and he kept believing in my until I learned! (still learning*) 🏂
5. We share a passion for photography and story telling. And we LOVE when couples get excited about the moments we capture->best feeling ever!
6. I love his heart! My heart just melts when I see him tear up during first looks, ceremonies and speeches.

7. He loves to travel and we’ve been blessed to discover so many beautiful places together. I’m so excited for our journey ahead! ‪#‎komanadventures‬
8. He’s young at heart and understands my need to have “happy dances” once in a while.
9. Did I mention he’s young at heart? He let’s me go crazy with Christmas decorations, Christmas presents and understands my love for sweets!
10. He knows the “wife is always right”rule. Just kidding…he’s still learning! I didn’t say he was perfect! 😏

I hope you liked my article on Happy Birthday John.

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