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Happy Birthday Husband Poem

Happy Birthday Husband Poem: What a wonderful husband you are I love you in every way. me and yet so much more Here s hoping your birthday will be one you ll adore. How are you going to wish your husband a happy birthday this year? Are you going to write a Happy Birthday Husband Poem for him.


Happy Birthday Husband Poem

Your husband’s birthday is the perfect time to show him how much he means to you. Whether you want to arrange a quiet, romantic evening or call your friends for a party – start off the day’s celebrations by giving him a beautiful greeting card. Tuck in a sweet note in his trouser pockets or inside his wallet when he isn’t looking.

1) An awesome husband like you

Is rare and uncommon

A perfect husband like you

Can be only one

An amazing husband like you

Is unique and exclusive

A wonderful husband like you

Makes life fun to live

To such a husband who is

Perfect in every way

With lots of love I wish

A fabulous birthday


2) Behind every successful man

There’s a woman, is what they say

But I want to add a few words

To this saying if I may

This well-known axiom

To a great extent is true

But behind every happy woman

Is a loving and caring husband like you

Happy birthday darling

Husband Birthday Poems: Share the Birthday poem with your husband via Text/SMS, email, Facebook, Whatsapp, IM, etc. … I wish you a very Happy Birthday to day sweetheart.

Hoping You’ll Get Old Birthday

You complain about aging,
yet every new sign that you’re getting older
reminds me how blessed I am
to have you for another birthday, another year.
You worry about sags and bags and wrinkles
yet all I see
is the life and love in your eyes.
Your contagious smile still warms my heart.
Your silly humor still lifts me with laughter.
I hope and pray that you’ll get older
and older and older,
because when you’re 100,
I’ll enjoy you and love you
even more than I do today.
Happy Birthday, Sweetheart,
And many, many, many more.

I hope you liked my article about Happy Birthday Husband Poem.

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