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Funny Birthday Message For Husband

Funny Birthday Message For Husband: Husband is very special to everyone in their lives. In fact they are the persons who makes us special. they come to us as a part and becomes our world. There are no such words or phrases which express our love towards them . but still we need to express some times with few words that make a way to our hearts speak in silence. here are just such lovely words for your beloved hubby on the special day of his birthday. “Funny Birthday Message For Husband“. You have been my rock, my moon, and my world for the last few years. I could not imagine life without you.

Funny Birthday Message For Husband

Funny Birthday Message For Husband

Darling, I know we live like natural enemies, but it’s your birthday today.
Let me hug you, wish you happiness and peace today―tomorrow we fight!

Not only on your birthday, you, my love, deserve the best of everything. You already have me, now, you can indulge in some good cake and great wine. Happy birthday.

Here’s wishing the birthday “boy”, plenty of love and tons of joy.
I’m amazed to see that even at this age, you prefer nothing else over gadget toys!

You’ve taught me that age is just a number,
and in our hearts, we’re getting younger.
Let’s party, my dear hubby,
we have no elders to stop us now! Happy Birthday.

You’re not the perfect man. In fact, you’re a little twisted.
You can’t be seen sitting idle, there’s always an adventure listed.
God knows what made you marry me, I’m just the opposite of you.
But, today, on your birthday I wish all your adventurous dreams come true.
I’ll be here, at home, hoping you don’t break a leg, and trying not to come off as shrew.

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