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Best Happy Birthday Wishes and Messages

Best Happy Birthday Wishes and Messages: Birthday is a very special day and with the pleasant greetings and wishes its specialty increases. If you want to cheer up and brighten the day of your friends and loved ones by giving them warm wishes, then this is the best platform for you. These greeting can be used as wall post as well as SMS. These happy birthday wishes will surely cheer them up and will make their heart warm at the same time. Expressing your real thoughts of the birthday of the people you love is never that easier. You do not have words sometimes to wish them they way they like.

Happy Birthday Wishes and Messages

Best Happy Birthday Wishes and Messages

Another year has passed. Here’s cheers for another bountiful one ahead. Happy birthday to you.

My sentiments are with you on your birthday. I am glad to see you through another year. Here’s to many more. Happy birthday!

Good times have come and gone. But you are still the same. May you never change. Wishing you a happy birthday.

It’s your day! Eat some cake, drink some pop. Make a big birthday wish, and hope it comes true. Happy birthday!

With another birthday down, you better have many more to come! Happy birthday to a dear friend.

Enjoy your day before it goes away. It only comes once a year. Until next time, Happy birthday to you!

Nobody ever deserves to be unhappy. So today, be your happiest because you really deserve it. Happy birthday!

You’re never too old to have a birthday cake but now you are old enough to have a beer. Happy birthday!

Let today remind you that the universe smiled when you were born. The universe, with all its secrets, has extended its most marvelous gifts through a new life. Yours. Happy birthday!

We should always remember and honor the dead but we should also know that life must be celebrated. Today let us celebrate your life. Happy birthday!

You don’t need all the love in the world to be happy today. Your birthday is enough reason to smile. Happy birthday!

Be a better you with every chance you get. With every birthday, remind yourself that you are beautiful and great in your own way. Happy birthday!

Carry no regrets, bring no misery, pack all the good memories and smile for every good thing. Life will never be easy; you just have to be stronger every time. Happy birthday and may you have a meaningful one.

Adding one to your age is something to be proud of. It gives you more edge because you know more and you know better. Happy birthday!

There are still so many blank pages to fill with wonderful words from living life. Happy birthday.

It’s a beautiful life that you yourself will shape to your heart’s desire. Happy birthday.

It will not always be sunny in your days and rain will constantly wet the grounds you step on but no matter the kind of days, remember that your attitude towards it is what matters. Happy birthday.

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